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There's no doubt that the job market is changing, and the modern job seeker is going to have to transform the way they view themselves and how they participate in the marketplace if they want to experience career success.

Back in the day, you'd get a job and stay at a company as long as you could - the longer the better, ideally a lifetime. And those days are gone. Every job is temporary now. Even if it's secure for a couple of years, it's still temporary. And this means that as an active participant in the job market, you're going to have to look for work over and over again, which means you're going to have to continuously make yourself and your skills more attractive.

While companies are going to have to shift their perspective on how they attract and engage talent, so the job seeker too will have to change their approach to how they present themselves in the marketplace.

The shift the job seeker needs to make is to move from being an employee to seeing themselves as a business-of-one, someone who has a set of skills and attributes that are exchangeable for compensation, innovation, learning opportunities, association and often a mixture of these.

In making the transition to a business-of-one, today's job seeker will need to know who they are, define their value proposition - what they have to offer and how they position themselves, so that they get the work that they're good at, and work that they actually want to do.

Everything in the marketplace is about exchange, so the sooner one can shift from an “employee” mentality to one of “exchange”, the less personal it becomes, and you can prepare yourself better without the anxiety and stress of “getting hired” and more focused on the type of work you want to do and how to position yourself to get it.

We've taken our 18 years' of resourcing and business experience to provide the modern-day job seeker with the best tips to participate in the job market, from choosing a career that's aligned to you, to creating CV's that makes business want to hire you, to job interviewing , to planning your next career move.

Of course, there are no guarantees as to getting the perfect job but if you start positioning yourself as a business-of-one, you're going to have a more positive and fulfilling work experience.

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