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Candidate Services: Professional CV Preparation

Every single person working in the job market has had to prepare a CV, resume or professional biography at some point in their career. While there are many formats and templates freely available, our professional CV and resume writing comes with years of experience in presenting individuals to organisations, at all levels, with a clear objective of getting the candidate in front of the client.

In screening hundreds of CV's for job applications as well as preparing CV's for our clients, we can without a doubt confirm that your CV literally has 30 seconds to make an impression. What does this mean for you? This means you need to have a concise CV with IMPACT - one that highlights your skills and qualifications and most importantly the VALUE you bring so that you are not only invited for an interview, but that in the interview you have a more meaningful discussion around synergy with the role as opposed to "running" through your CV on a superficial level.

We know the do's and don'ts in professional CV writing. The look and feel is important but the content and manner in which you present your skills, abilities and value carry far more weight. In fact, many roles have been created in organisations, where the value perceived in the CV allowed for engagement, even when there was no vacancy.

If you do choose to work with a professional, here are some tips for working with a CV writer:

Why do I need a professional CV / Resume?

You want to highlight your most relevant skills, abilities, strengths and value, cutting out unnecessary or irrelevant details, and pinpoint what makes you stand out. Many people struggle with structure and often lose their audience with lengthy regurgitated job descriptions that say a lot but don’t mean much. It's often difficult to be able to stand back from your own career history to assess what's relevant or not, or to choose the most appropriate qualities and to present them accordingly.

Who will benefit from a Professional CV / Resume

Individuals at all levels, from graduates to executives, will benefit from our Professional CV Preparation offering. As you progress through your career, so your CV will evolve too and you want to highlight this progression but remain focussed on what is relevant in taking your career forward.

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