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Introduction / Course Content

Our Job Search Coaching Programme - Setting you up to Win! - has been designed for you to gain the maximum out of your job search by creating a well-prepared plan that is truly aligned to your career aspirations, and then breaking it down into smaller chunks so that the actions you take are focussed and support you in reaching your career objectives.

Many professionals are frustrated with the perception of the lack of opportunities and need a fresh perspective in driving their career progression. Many have been in positions for a long time and are not sure where to start in re-entering the job market. Others have been affected by retrenchments and are struggling to find work that fulfils them. And some are looking to move into a different industry and are not sure how to position themselves.

This programme is beneficial to anyone who is serious about driving their own careers, are open to trying a different approach in tackling the job market and willing to get out of their comfort zone.

Coached by Tanya, with over 17 years' experience in senior appointments across industry sectors, the programme covers:

  • Getting clear on what you want
  • Understanding your "Why?"
  • What is stopping you from getting what you want?
  • Understanding market conditions
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Driving your value proposition in the interview process
  • Building your go-to-market job search strategy. This includes:
    • CV review & positioning
    • Social media strategy
    • Leveraging your network and building new networks
    • Targeted search
    • Action plan

Our Setting you up to Win! Job search programme includes our Professional CV Preparation and our Interview Coaching offerings - ensuring that there is full alignment from sending your CV, right through the interview process. Value driven, our job search coaching is highly personalised with on-going support.

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