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Interim Management Resourcing

TdT & Associates offers tailored Interim Management resourcing solutions. Interim Managers help our clients lead strategic business change, drive core business objectives and relieve pressured management teams.

Interim Management is particularly useful during times of change and transformation. It is a rapidly growing discipline, especially in South Africa, where quick delivery and results are needed on a particular business objective.

Interim Management is a high-level appointment that offers strategic input and execution where executives and specialists possess a vast body of knowledge and expertise in their field. They are flexible and results driven; seeing a company through high stress periods of change and delivering tangible business results in the process. They thrive in short term strategic roles, sometimes brought on by the sudden departure of a key manager. This is particularly effective while a more permanent resourcing solution in sought or a permanent role is deemed unnecessary. Alternatively, there may be nobody internally who is suitable for, or available to take up, the position in question.

What can Interim Management offer your Company?

TdT & Associates provides executives and specialists who have a keen understanding of the international, larger African as well as local market. With access to a large database of pre-checked executives ready to take on a challenging role, the success of any short term or interim deliverable is guaranteed. An Interim Manager can be highly effective in, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • Driving and managing acquisitions
  • Filling a sudden professional gap in the team
  • Crisis management
  • Leadership mentoring and team development
  • Succession planning
  • Enhancing or influencing company culture
  • Setting up new businesses or closing old ones
  • Turning around an ailing business

Whether you are looking to strengthen an underperforming business, implement or fast-track a project or build up a new business, Interim Management is an ideal solution.

Benefits of Interim Management Resourcing

Interim Managers are often confused with consultants. However they differ from consultants in that they are more hands-on in your business. The interim executive can benefit your company in the following ways:

  • Deliver results quickly
  • Minimise recruiting and termination admin
  • Work on results linked remuneration
  • Bring many years of expertise and experience to the table
  • No need to increase permanent head count
  • Transfer valuable skills, experience and networking of contacts to your team
  • Will understand you company’s ethos but not get involved in politics

Typical Interim Managers you may require or include: Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s), Managing Directors (MD’s), Operations Managers, Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) and Financial Managers, Engineering & Technical Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Environmental Specialists and any other roles that require quick turn-around and delivery.

Increasing numbers of business leaders are seeing Interim Managers as a more cost-effective solution than management consultants and at TdT & Associates we are able to assist our clients in providing them with qualified Interim Management who are able to support and drive their business objectives.

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