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Contract Resourcing

TDT & Associates offers an innovative resourcing solution for contract and short term assignments. Our contractor resourcing solution includes the business, project, IT and operational industry sectors. We provide high calibre contractors from a pool of flexible and highly motivated individuals. They provide a range of business skills to help your organisation reach its goals with business continuity. They help provide specialist niche resources for this purpose.

Why would your company use a contractor?

A successful contractor has the ability to go from one client to another, adapting to different conditions, different cultures, technology and ways of working. The benefits of hiring contractors are:

  • Short-term projects often to not require full time employees and contractors can be available for a short time period, without a long term commitment from the client.
  • Contractors will often have a rich skillset, developed by working for many years in varied environments in many different companies. They would serve as subject matter experts or they can be hired to solve a particularly difficult or complex problem.
  • Reduced cost to company even though they are more expensive per hour than permanent staff. There is no need for sick pay, leave pay or medical insurance.

Our contractors include senior and specialist roles in:

  • Business and administration
  • Project Management
  • IT
  • Operational management
  • Finance
  • HR

Our contractors can plug the gaps in your professional team and provide a helping hand during a critical time and perhaps due to a lack of your own resource.

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