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If you want to have work success, it's important that your career is in line with your aspirations, values and personality, as it's the only way to achieve your fullest potential and feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Many people go to jobs they hate, that don't spark any passion inside of them. They are mostly drawn to the stability of receiving a pay-check or the stability of having something that creates the illusion of stability, and they will stay comfortable at the expense of their own growth and happiness.

In choosing or changing a career, you want to make sure you take inventory of what you value most, what naturally inspires you and what is aligned to your personality and strengths.

There has to be a mind shift change if you are prepared to work for someone else and be happy. And, it's the only way you'll ever reach your fullest potential.

Take the Career Quiz, find your purpose and discover a career that fits your work personality.

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