Through shared values built around professionalism, integrity, respect and commitment, our trusted Associates offer value, insights and wisdom you can trust. All our Associates are experts in their field and most importantly, are passionate about what they do. Together, we are able to provide value-added services to our clients. We give you our confidence when you engage with any of our Associates.

Dlala Nje - Associate of TdT & Associates

Dlala Nje

Dlala Nje offers bespoke immersion experiences with themes revolving around organisational culture, potential in human capital and market insights. Their immersion experiences have proven to be valuable in helping our clients in activating high performance teams, acclimatising teams to varying cultural circumstances, identifying leadership potential in teams as well as enhancing employee brand loyalty.  Every organisation wanting to build a reputation as an employer of choice understands the value of hiring great potential and the risks associated by failing to do so.

Focused People - Associate of TdT & Associates

Focused People

Business Leaders need people who help them see their blind-spots and provide perspective on personal, interpersonal and professional issues. Focussed People is our trusted partner in providing business coaching and leadership alignment strategies that help our clients’ leaders turn strategy into reality.

Blazing Solutions - Associate of TdT & Associates

Blazing Solutions

Blazing Solutions is a Strategy and HR consultancy that specialises in building human resource expertise and capacity within the organisations within which we work. Blazing Solutions supports our clients in implementing solutions that enable their growth and include strategy consulting, organisational design, performance management systems and leadership support.

Optimum People - Associate of TdT & Associates

Optimum People

Optimum People is our trusted partner in supporting our clients with psychometric assessments during the hiring process. We are able to package tailored assessments as part of the recruitment life cycle to ensure that our clients understand the candidates they are engaging with and that they are aligned to the requirements of the role and company in terms of their performance, potential and talent capabilities.

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